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Upgrades and Modifications that we’ve made to the boat

Early in our search for a sailboat we decided that we wanted a new boat and that we would outfit the boat ourselves.  Some of our goals were to add new systems and equipment as we got closer to retiring (and cruising), do the installation ourselves, and document everything that was added.  Documentation included not only information on the particular item installed but also as installed drawings and notes so that future troubleshooting would be greatly simplified.  All new wiring and plumbing runs were clearly labeled and documented.

We wanted to know the mechanics of everything that we installed so that future troubleshooting and repair would be easier.

I think we’ve achieved our goals as we have a complete system manual made up of scanned documents, OEM .pdf files, and manuals.  We’ve made it a point to add as built documentation to the system manual as we complete any upgrade.  We keep copies of the system manual on each of our computers and also have a CDROM copy available on the boat.