:: Know before you go! ::

We’ve had some really unfortunate experiences while “Helping” several boat owners move their boats.  I’ve discussed both of these experiences with friends and other owners and after talking with good friend and 350 owner Greg, I’ve decided to post these experiences for anyone interested.

Greg came up with the title and we talked about similar experiences when he visited us around Gra’inne during Christmas 2011 in Grenada.  I think you really do need to “KNOW BEFORE YOU GO” whether it’s helping an owner or friend move a boat or crewing for someone else.

These two stories are based on my log entries and the direct result of our “Helping” owners who were ill prepared to move “THEIR” boats.  The sad thing is that I think the owners in question were using us to avoid paying a delivery captain and put us in the very awkward position of having to take responsibility for them and their boats.  Both owners also skipped out on paying us what we were rightly owed (one a one way ticket to Baltimore) and the other held my personal possessions indicating that I owned them money!  Go figure.

I’ve not named the boats or the owners.