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Some General information that you may find useful:

We leave our boat in dry storage for the hurricane season at Grenada Marine.





Grenada Marine is located in St Davids Parish, Grenada




There is another boat yard in Grenada, Spice Island Marine, but we’ve never left Gra’inne there.

Spare Part/Shipping

Grenada and other Islands in the Caribbean allow cruisers to take advantage of duty free or nearly duty free entry of boat parts and supplies.  For several years we carried our parts and supplies back to Grenada as checked baggage.  This method generally required that we submit a material list to Racquel at Grenada Marine about a month before flying back and she would complete the necessary paperwork and have it delivered to us at the Airport.  After arrival at the Airport we would pick up the form from our cab driver and use it to pay the 2.5% Customs fee on our spares for Yacht in Transit “Gra’inne”.  General information on the Grenada Marine process is provided here for reference.   Grenada Customs C-14

While we still use this method for last minute items that we cannot preship, it is far better if possible to ship everything ahead.

We now ship the majority or our items via Tropical Shippings LCL (Less than Container Load) service.  For ease of use and to obtain the cheapest shipping rates we use 70 gallon cardboard shipping containers that we get from Tropical.  Other containers are suitable as we see palletes of boxes of every size shape and description at the Miami LCL facility.

Once we fill our shipping containers we drive to the Miami LCL facility and process the shipment.  Tropical also offers pickup/shipment from the US and Canadian locations using a support trucking company.  This pictures shows out 2010 shipment of two 70 gallon barrels of supplies and parts and one smaller container of 225ft of chain.  Man, was the small barrel heavy!

Shipping via Tropical LCL requires that we fill out 3 forms (I have these as fillable .pdf files), contact Tropical to obtain a booking number, complete a detailed inventory, label each container, and deliver and pay for the shipment.  We allow approximately 1 month from the time of shipment to allow for transit time to Grenada (8 Days), processing through Customs once in Grenada, and then delivery of our shipment to our storage point.  We’ve been using Island Dreams Yacht Services
for our shipments as they have a Customs Broker who will take care of the formalities, transport the shipment to us at LePhare Bleu Marina, and store for us pending arrival.  To facilitate the Customs process we provide Island Dreams with a detailed inventory and receipts for each item that we ship in .pdf format.

Tropical ships all over the Caribbean and to the Bahamas so a similar process would apply to these locations as well.